Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The column on the left represents high school graduation requirements for every Chicago Public School; the right-hand column reflects Chicago Public Schools’ recommendations for College Prep High Schools. All courses offered at Northside College Preparatory High School are College Preparatory Courses.

Graduating Classes: 2020 and Beyond

High School Graduation Recommended College Prep Program
4.0 English 4.0 English
3.0 Mathematics 4.0 Mathematics
3.0 Science 4.0 Science
3.0 Social Sciences (includes 1 semester of Civics) 3.0 Social Science (includes 1 semester of Civics)
2.0 World Language 4.0 World Language
2.0 Fine Arts 2.0 Fine Arts
2.0 Physical Education 2.0 Physical Education
1.0 Computer Science 1.0 Computer Science
2.0 College-Career Pathways 2.0 College-Career Pathways
2.0 Electives 2.0 Electives
2 Service Learning Projects 2 Service Learning Projects
24 Credits 28 Credits

1. A program of courses is developed at a conference with the student and his advisor. Final course selection will need the approval of department chairs and the parents.
2. All core courses are offered at the honors or advanced placement level.
3. Each student must pass an examination on the US Constitution and the Illinois State Constitution.
4. Each student must complete the Consumer Education requirement.

The following guidelines regarding promotion apply:

• Grade 9 5 units of credit
• Grade 10 11 units of credit
• Grade 11 17 units of credit
• Grade 12 24 units of credit

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